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Home of the Original Fragel!

You don't know what a FRAGEL is? WHAT? Well, you've been missing out! Our famous Fragel is a fresh cinnamon and raisin bagel that we deep fry, then place it into an old fashioned Henny Penny Tumbler that coats and smothers the bagel in a crunchy cinnamon sugar mixture! Yeah we know... WOW! 

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    Find out what all the other bored citizens of you're tri-state area are saying about us and our addictive, delicious bagels! This is the perfect place to find others out there that love our bagels as much as you do! We'll keep you up to date on everything OBF!  Plus visit us on FaceBook & Twitter!

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    "ORDER  UP!" (Ding! sound effects included!)
    Bring on the showers!  Shower me with Mozzarella Bagels!  What's your favorite?

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    Learn about our donations to Gleaners Food Bank, The Kidney Foundation, Walk for Life, Gilda's Club as well as many others! Plus read about how we LOVE funding our children's education. Bagel sales are a great way to raise money for important school materials, activities and projects!